The 5 Latest Fun Pet Trends

Latest Fun Pet Trends July 12, 2017

Pets Training & Boarding looks at some of the latest fun pet trends sweeping the globe. From the highly functional to the complete bizarre, we explore the latest and strangest innovations for the family pet.

Pet Trend 1: Licki Brush
This is one of the oddest pet grooming implements to hit the market in a long time. This brush attaches to the tongue of the pet owner so they can brush their cat with a ‘fake’ tongue. This product went viral on social media as pet owners scrambled to see if this product was actually real. Yes, it is! The designers of the ‘Licki Brush’ say it’s not only effective for grooming, it can also improve the bond you share with your cat. MEOW!

Pet Trend 2: Pet Yoga
That’s right, you can now enjoy a good stretch alongside your favourite furry friend. Many doga (or yoga for dogs) classes have erupted around the globe. In these classes, you and your beloved canine companion can enjoy yoga together. It’s a great way to bond with your pet in a very healthy, Zen way. There are also many places you can get your ‘yogi’ on alongside felines. With the curious cat being well-known for their amazing stretching talents, it’s no wonder some humans are drawn to them during times of tightness.

Pet Trend 3: Wine for Hounds & Felines
You can now enjoy a glass of plonk on a Friday alongside your beloved canine or feisty feline. Pet Winery has released a line of pet friendly wines for the distinguished companion animal. They come in a range of flavours and are designed to mimic the response of catnip, or enhance a relaxed and calm state for your dog. This non-alcoholic beverage is fast becoming popular with many pet lovers, allowing the inclusion of the family pet while enjoying the finer things in life.

Pet Trend 4: Doggy goggles
These are a wonderful addition for dogs, especially if you own a hound who loves to hang out of the window during a Sunday afternoon car cruise. Not only do they look great and are well tolerated by most dogs, they will protect your dog’s eyes from dust, dirt and the sun. Plus; they look super cool! Special force trained dogs commonly wear these wonderful specs to protect them in dangerous situations. For the humble house hound, they are great at preventing sand and debris from entering the eyes when running through the bush or beach areas. Eye safety has never looked so cool. WOOF!

Pet Trend 5: Dog Dyes and Shaves
In Asia, it seems the dogs have gone to the, well pandas? This craze that includes dyeing and shaving your pet to look like a panda or tiger, has been around for the past two years, causing many images to go viral. Now, however, it seems this odd craze is hitting the shores of the US and possibly even Aussie. Many Golden Retrievers are given a fresh coat of orange paint and streaked with black lines to resemble that of a tiger, while Samoyeds are dyed black and white to mimic the panda. Some are even transformed into snail or a Ninja Turtle! The jury is out whether this is a positive or negative trend for the lovable canine. Many pet owners would be horrified to see a dog donning hair dye (and understandably so). However, shaving a dog may be more acceptable, particularly during the hot summer months.

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