Most Energetic Dog Breeds

March 12, 2019

Looking for a super charged energetic dog breed? Pets Training & Boarding take a look at the top 10 energetic dog breeds that are perfectly suited to the active household.

For some owners, a laidback pooch who will happily sleep the day away is a dog of their dreams. However, for some pet owners, a super-charged jogging or hiking companion is exactly what is wanted.

Different Breeds – Different Uses

For some pet owners discovering that their dog is supercharged breed is not something they find out until after the first few months. This can leave many unsuspecting owners in complete disarray.

The key to breeds is your homework. All dog breeds have been specifically bred for a purpose, being a full-blown herding dog, to lap companion and everything between. Understanding these traits is paramount in building the human/dog bond. Only choosing your breed on their looks, can get many owners into big trouble.

Also understanding the trainability of your breed. Some are perfectly suited to first time dog owners while others will need an experienced handler to encourage them to work together. This is mainly for dogs that have an ‘independent’ nature. If you are not experienced with dogs, sometimes these cuddly companions can end up running rings around their dotting owners and simply put – will refuse to listen.

TOP 10 energetic dog breeds;

What Do Energetic Dogs Need?

The key with all of these breeds, and also other breeds associated in their groups (for instance terriers), is understanding their natural traits. Traditional herding dogs will have herding traits, typical terriers will have terrier traits. In some instances, you can train this behaviour to a limit, but understandably some of these breeds will continue to show those specific traits that have been perfected over many generations.

A good dose of exercise is paramount. This normally includes a good hour of exercise each day, including a brisk on-leash walk and a good-off leash run.

The other aspect all of these dog breeds have in common is their intelligence. This matched with their athleticism can lead to massive problems if you do not flex their brain and brawn. Ensuring a good on-leash walk before your head off to work or even a 15-20 training session, alongside some ‘jobs’ to do when you are away can help keep the boredom at bay! A bored, unexercised athletic dog, who is not socialised will spell disaster.

For many of these breeds a big off -leash run can actually hype the dog up, as a brisk on-leash walk, or training session will leave them worked but relaxed for the few hours alone. Ensure you research some good boredom busters and change these up to keep your pet entertained when you are not at home. If you are expected to spend endless hours away from your pet, these types of breeds – or any dog for that matter – is not suitable. Perhaps consider volunteering at a local shelter instead of becoming a pet parent.

Many of these breeds make great jogging companions and simply adore the great outdoors and exploring new adventures alongside their two-legged friends. For this reason, socialisation from a young age is also very important. So, consider as many sights sounds and experiences as possible. This will allow you to entertain and exercise your pet with ease.

All of these breeds also excel in dog sports such as agility and flyball. Find a local club near you for some wonderful entertaining fun alongside your energetic breed.