Dog Boarding Bliss for Sydney’s K9’s & Puppies

State-Of-The-Art Dog Boarding Sydney Trusts – At Pets Training & Boarding, we take pride in being Sydney’s cosiest and most secure boarding kennels for your furry family members. Treat your beloved pets to accommodation that’s a true home-away-from-home, and ensure that next time you go away, they’re having just as much fun as you are!

Our dedicated team are passionate about providing top-notch daycare for all dogs. In addition to daily walks, delicious wet and dry food, and spacious individual rooms, we go the extra mile to give your dog (or pup) some extra TLC with plenty of pats, scratches, and personal attention. Your pet’s comfort and happiness are our priorities, making their stay with us a joyful and reassuring experience.

No matter what breed, size, age or temperament, all dogs are cared for equally and are treated as if they were our own pets.

Seeking The Best Care For Your Dog? Discover Our Exceptional Dog Boarding Amenities:

  • Spacious, Secure, Indoor Dog Boarding Kennels
  • Wet & Dry Food
  • Individual Kennels
  • Daily Walks
  • Weekly Dog Wash (but don’t tell them that!)
  • Naturally-Lit Pet Lodges
  • Temperature Controlled Facility – Warm in the winter and Cool in the summer
  • 24/7 On-Call Veterinarian

Sydney’s Five-Star  Doggy Day Care

Just as we enjoy a holiday and a little bit of luxury every now and then, your K9’s will be thankful after you show them a token of your love by booking them into our spacious retreat with large outdoor areas and warm, secure dog boarding kennels in Sydney. (Our premium pet lodging is not too far from NewcastleWollongong). Come in and meet out highly trained, experienced and thoughtful team who are passionate about caring for all pets, whether they’re cats, dogs, puppies or kittens.

When you’re away, your furry friends need a comfy, safe, and predictable environment, which is why our team adhere to a strict ‘No Pretend-Throwing of Sticks/Balls’ policy. Your pet’s comfort and security are our top priorities. Interacting with dogs has cultivated in us a profound appreciation for their well-being and the importance of treating them with respect and care. So, for complete confidence that your beloved tail-wagging companions will be safe and content, Book Online and let yourself fully unwind and enjoy your time away.

Pamper Your Pooch! Luxurious Dog Grooming & Spa Treatments Available

Has your loyal companion been on their best behavior? Spoil your furry friend with our indulgent extras:

  • dog grooming
  • herbal spa bath
  • skin treatment (Great for flea prevention or treatment of certain skin conditions)
Dog Boarding Kennels Sydney - Pets Training & Boarding
dog boarding Sydney - Pets Training & Boarding

Elevate Your Dog’s Skills & Teaching Them Some New Tricks

Does your dog battle to understand commands?

Enhance your dog’s stay at Pets Training & Boarding by enrolling them in a pet training course led by some of Sydney’s finest dog trainers. Our trainers use proven, highly effective positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog learn practical commands that strengthen your bond, foster better communication, and enrich their understanding of their human family members. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and intelligent creatures that thrive on learning. Just as we humans find satisfaction and confidence in acquiring knowledge, exploring new skills, and self-improvement, our curious canine companions share this passion for growth. You’ll be delighted by the progress your loyal companion will showcase upon your return.

Reward your dog with an enjoyable, and enriching holiday activity!
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Pet Boarding Pricing Info:

Boarding prices are calculated per calendar day irrespective of the time of arrival or departure. Pet food, bowls and bedding are also included in the cost.
Below you’ll find the rates per day, per dog size and season.

*Please note that on Public Holidays our boarding facility is CLOSED for business. No picking-up or dropping-off of pets (dogs or cats) is available on these days.

Public Holidays: Christmas Day, Easter Weekend (Friday to Monday), Boxing Day, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday Long Weekend Public Holiday, October Long Weekend Public Holiday and New Year’s Day.

Pets Training & Boarding provides short or long-term lodging for cats & dogs throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Penrith, Wollongong
Note: We only board domestic pets: dogs or cats. We do not board wild canines or felines including foxes, wolves, dingoes, jackals, or any Australian feral or wild cats. Also, no horses. 100% NO Exceptions, not even small ones.