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Wondering if your dog requires dog obedience lessons? What are the facts when it comes to training Rover and do all dogs really need dog obedience training? We explore the pros and cons of training your dog.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to dog obedience is that it is a chore and something that isn’t really needed, particularly for sweet wee-pups. It is very easy to be encapsulated by those big adorable paws and puppy-eyes that leave many pet owners thinking… ‘how could I possibly ever have any troubles with you…pffffftttt dog training is not for us.’

Sadly, many pet owners do not seek out dog obedience until a problem arises later down the track. Normally when your precious pup has grown into a boisterous dog who simply will not listen. The good news is, you are not alone and help is only a phone call away! Seeking help with any doggy problem will reap huge rewards for both yourself and your beloved dog.

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Wondering if your dog requires dog obedience lessons? What are the facts when it comes to training Rover and do all dogs really need training? We explore the importance of training your dog.
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Abolishing the Myths of Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience is much more than just your dog listening to your commands. It’s teaching a unison, an understanding so you and your dog can work together, as a team. Other benefits include;

  • The Human / Dog Bond – dog training improves the amazing bond your share with your four-legged friend. It strengthens your understanding of how your dog thinks and interacts with the world around them. It allows owners to truly appreciate how smart the wonderful canine actually is.
  • Manners – it teaches your dog very important manners. These manners, such as not pushing past you when you are walking through the door, will not only keep your dog safe (think scolding hot cup of coffee) but will also prevent them from getting into trouble. Bolding you over with arms full of shopping is not good for you (your shopping) or your dog. Basic manners are vital for all dogs. However, because puppies are so cute and cuddly sometimes the manners we expect from a fully-grown dog, are not the manners we encourage as puppies. As, being licked or jumped on by a 45kg dog is not so sweet as it possibly was.
  • Safety – the most important part of dog obedience is that it keeps your dog safe. It allows them to be easily examined by the veterinarian. It allows you to safely walk them across the road, and more importantly it allows owners the confidence that in any situation their dog will listen and ‘come’ when called.
  • Wellbeing & Exercise – Training also allows your dog to ‘flex’ their brains while also working their muscles. A well-trained dog is a happy, confident dog. Dogs that are trained are also much more likely to be exercised correctly. They are also much less likely to exhibit behavioural problems.

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Is It Ever Too Late or Too Early to Start Obedience Training?

It is never too late or, too early to start obedience training. For pups, enrol in a puppy-preschool and start the basics at home (sit, stay, come) as soon as they arrive. Once your pup is fully vaccinated they can join a ‘big dog’ obedience training school. These are wonderful as they allow your pup to work alongside other dogs. The more distractions the better!

If you have an older dog, or adolescent dog that you are wanting to train consider calling in the professionals and don’t be afraid to ask for help. No problem it too big to solve, the biggest hurdle is admitting that your dog needs some help. With the right advice and guidance, you can learn how to speak your dog’s language and completely understand why your current training is not working. Best of all, you will improve the bond you share with your dog and abolish the stress.

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