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This stunning silver breed is certainly an elegant and graceful canine companion. A high energy breed perfectly suited to active busy households.

Weimaraner Facts and Information


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The Weimaraner is a very active dog breed and requires a fair amount of exercise and training. Being an intelligent hunting breed it is advisable to start socialisation and training in early puppyhood. Puppy-preschools are a wonderful way to introduce your puppy to basic training and also socialising in a safe and happy environment. They excel in all form of obedience, but like with all dogs, patience, consistency and a gentle approach is needed. They simply love to run and do very well in extra curriculum activities like dog sports such as agility. Lots of simple socialisation is important (think busy areas, children and loud noises), pared with good training will ensure your pup grows into a well-rounded and behaved dog. If you suspect your pup is becoming overly aggressive or super-sensitive enlist in the advice of a professional quickly.


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The Wier is a super-easy to groom breed and will only require a quick rub over with a rubber mitt once a week. They are also not a smelly breed and will only need minimal bathing. Keep nails nice and short, get your young pup used to this procedure early. It’s also a good idea to get your pup desensitized to paw touching, ear touching and teeth examinations. This will make vet visits stress free and easy. Check ears weekly for any foul smell or discharge and seek professional advice if you are concerned.

Exercise Requirements

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The Weimaraner is a very active breed and requires a good daily dose of vigorous activity to prevent problems. A bored Wier can become very destructive. Consider a good early morning run and an off-leash afternoon romp. Being super intelligent means they can easily make their own entertainment and fun, that can cause owners headaches. If you do not have the time to actively exercise you dog on a daily basis this may not be the best breed for your home.


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Paring super intelligence alongside an active nature can spell trouble if your Wier gets bored. Consider good dose of exercise and an enriching environment to ward off the backyard boredom. This breed has been known to teach themselves how to open doors and do all sorts of wonderful wacky behaviour to keep themselves occupied. Consider boredom busting activities for when you leave the home and switch up the toys. Having a nice pile of ‘home alone’ toys that you pick up when you return, is a good way to keep your Wier happy and entertained when you are not at home.

Family Friendly

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The Weimaraner makes a wonderful family friend in an active home. They are a loving breed who do not take well to endless hours alone and will pine for their loving owners. However, they may be a little too excitable for very young children. Like with all breeds it’s important to teach your children how to behave around a dog, and also training your dog how to behave around children. Teaching your pup manners is a must. The breed has a strong prey instinct from their historic background and are not suited to life with small pets.

Indoor/ Outdoor

Even though the breed has a strong hunting history they do not take to life outdoors or life inside a kennel. They will feel the cold in the winter so consider investing in a good dog coat for those early morning jogs. They are companion dogs and will pine when left for long periods. Good fencing is also a requirement to prevent your pup from escaping.


It is very important to only source your new family member from a reputable breeding establishment, to ensure your puppy is healthy. Ask all the important questions about hereditary problems and ask to see mum and dad. Contact your local breed club and research your chosen breeder. Your breeder should have proof that they regularly test their dogs for genetic diseases and to ensure that the dogs they are breeding from have sound temperaments. It may take a little more time than a quick purchase, but it can save you and your family from unimaginable heartache and pain dealing with a sick puppy.

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