Strange Cat Behaviour

Strange Cat Behaviour June 28, 2017

Does your cat exhibit some strange behaviour? Pets Training & Boarding investigate some strange cat behaviour, what it actually means and whether it warrants medical attention.

Nail Biting
Cats will commonly bite at their nails when they are licking and cleaning their paws. This could be to remove the outer protective coating or even a broken nail. That’s right, often cats will bite at their nails for the same reason as humans pick their nails – good grooming!

Head Bunting
Cats love to head-bunt the people they love the most. Head bunting is the act when a cat, well… headbutts. Basically, your cat (or the neighbour’s cat) is marking you with their scent and stating to other cats “I here Fluffy, own this human!” Depositing facial pheromones on objects and humans provides cats with a feeling of security and comfort.

Kitty Crazy Running
It is not uncommon to suddenly see your cat, who was just peacefully sleeping on the couch, go screaming around the house. Jumping, bouncing, pouncing and clawing at anything in reach. No, your cat has not seen a ghost, or lost its mind. It is probably burning off some stored energy from slumbering all day or is chasing something you may not have caught sight of (cue “MOUSE” scream!). However, if this is an entirely new cat behaviour and you are concerned about your cat and there is no mouse and the outbursts are very frequent or worrying, seek veterinary advice.

Wobbling / Flickering Eyes
Do your cat’s eyes seem to flicker and wobble? This can be a symptom something is occurring neurologically and immediate veterinary advice is required.

Making bread – kneading
Does your cat like finding the softest part of your body and begin kneading like they are imitating busy bakers making bread? This is a very common behaviour and stems from kitten-hood when your cat would knead their mothers during feeding time to simulate milk. It’s normally a sign your cat is feeling happy and content. However, if your cat prefers the soft parts of your body instead of the fake-fur rug, a good nail clipping may be required. Ouch!

Random Acts of Sleeping – boxes and bags
Cats are natural ambush specialists. This makes bags and boxes (or any other snug area) very attractive to a feline friend. The desire for small concealed spaces is an inherited instinct. Wild cats needed to hide in confined areas to protect themselves from predators or to ambush during a stalking and hunting exercise.

Computer hijacking – sitting on the keys
Computer keyboards seem to be magnets for many kitty-cats. The reasons for this are not completely understood; however, cats do love warm things and there is no doubt your laptop is certainly omitting some heat. Cats also LOVE company and if you are giving the computer more attention than Fluffy, don’t be surprised if her favourite place is on the keys you are constantly patting.

Tail Brain
Ever thought that your cat has another brain? Inside their tail? The jury is still out! What we do know is that when a cat is agitated or annoyed their tails seem to bat up and down and twitch constantly. However, some cats will also do this when they are demanding a cuddle or in full play-mode. More often than not, a cat whose tail starts twitching when you are cuddling them is giving you a polite hint to back off.

Bum in Face
Yes, all cats do it, normally when you are enjoying a cup-of-coffee around the kitchen bench with friends, and here comes Jingle with her bum in full view a few inches from your guests’ faces. How embarrassing! But don’t be offended. This is normally your cat’s way of showing love and getting your attention. Chances are, before the butt viewing your cat gave your guests a nice big head-bunt on the way through. She is also giving your guests polite access to the smell of everything they need to know, in a way only a feline could.

Cats are masters at body language. Slow blinking is a sign that your cat (or another cat) has accepted you and is comfortable keeping their eyes closed around you. It is a sign that the cat accepts you and loves you. You can repay this loving signal by also slow blinking back and sharing the love. Meow!

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