Dog Guinness World Records

July 26, 2017

Pets Training and Boarding takes a look at some of the impressive Guinness World Record breaking dogs making history.

Want to know some of the most interesting dog world records? We trawl through the popular Guinness World Records to find some crazy canine chronicles.

Most Dogs Balancing a Treat on their Nose
Imagine getting 109 dogs to all sit together and balance a dog treat on their nose at the same time? Impressive to say the least. This dog trick was accomplished as a Guinness World Record by The Link Management Ltd (Hong Kong) back in 2014.

Fastest 100m on a Skateboard
Everybody simply loves a dog on a skateboard. Jumpy The Dog from the USA managed to achieve this almighty feat; of being the fastest recorded 100m doggy skateboarder in the world. With an impressive time of 19.65 seconds.

Highest Jump by a Dog
With a name like this she was destined to jump into the Guinness World Records books. The adorable, Cinderella May a Holly Grey, leapt into the Guinness record books with an impressive clearance of 172.7cm. The record was set at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in the USA back in 2006.

Smallest Living Dog
A tinee-tiny Chihuahua known as Milly is the proud owner of this Guinness World Record. Measuring in at a minuscule 9.65cm or 3.8 inches tall. Milly was so small when she was a pup that she had to be fed using an eye-dropper. ‘Miracle Milly’ as she’s lovingly known by her owner, Vanesa Semler, is from Puerto Rico and first gained her title back in 2011.
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Loudest Bark by a Group of Dogs
Many dog owners would be begging the question…why? But a team in USA decide to set upon this World record alongside the help of 76 dogs. Once they were set off, they recorded a massively destructive 124dB or about the same amount of noise a loud rock concert could produce. That’s enough noise to cause permanent damage if it was consistent enough. WOOF!

Oldest Dog
The Guinness World Record for the oldest dog is Bluey. An Australian Cattle-Dog who worked tirelessly as a cattle and sheep dog for nearly 20 years. His age when he passed? A whopping 29 years and five months! Bluey was sadly laid to rest back in 1939 when the average life expectancy for a dog would have been anywhere from 8-12 years old. With our dogs living longer than ever, it will be interesting to see if this World Record is broken in the coming years.
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Most Flying Discs Caught and Held in the Mouth
Who wouldn’t love to watch this World Record-breaking attempt in the flesh? Who was the winner? Rose from the USA (owned by Edward Watson) managed to catch SEVEN flying discs after catching them one at a time in her mouth. PLUS: she didn’t drop one!

Longest Stand-Up Paddle-Board Pair
‘Cool’ is the word of this award…pure coolness. This Guinness World Record was achieved by Ivan Moreira and Bono Surf Dog from Brazil on the 10th of March 2016. The five-year-old Labrador surfed (or paddled) into the record books after riding on 1,690.5 metres.

Longest Tail
Look out coffee cups and wine-glasses! The longest tail record belongs to a beautiful Irish Wolfhound called Keon. Living in Belgium alongside his adoring human Llse Loodts, this huge hound has a tail length of 76.8cm!

Largest Dog Yoga Class
For all of your doga lovers out there. Imagine stretching and pausing alongside 270 canine companions? This extraordinary effort was relaxingly achieved back in 2016 by Link Asset Management Limited in Hong Kong.

What about your dog?
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