How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Stop Your Dog From Digging January 5, 2016

Have a dog who simply loves to dig up your beautiful lawns? Nadia Crighton comes up with some simple steps to help you solve the annoying problem of how to stop dogs digging.

Dogs who have a passion for digging can cause headaches for dog owners across the globe. The endless sight of pot-holes in the lawn or massive trenches in your vegetable garden can have you seeing red. The fact is: digging is a very natural behaviour for your dog. However there is a time and a place for digging, and it’s certainly not in your freshly planted flower bed! So how can you help prevent a digging disaster in your home?

1) Boredom
Firstly most dogs dig because they are bored. Many times owners will come home to a mass of freshly dug holes when their dog has been left alone. The cure then is simple…consider changing up your dog’s toys and rotating them daily. Think about some boredom busters like Kongs filled with soaked dog biscuits (the freeze and slap shut with some peanut butter to seal the end), give to your dog before you leave home. Or invest in a treat ball (that will dispense treats). Boredom busting will set you up for success to prevent future digging. Also consider how much time your dog is being exercised. These things can make a huge difference in alleviating many behavioural problems, such as your dog digging.

2) Bones
Some dogs love to bury their bones…so remove the bones as soon as your dog loses interest. If they go to bury their bone as soon as you give it to them…then only offer them a bone when they are hungry.

3) Persistent hole
Pop some of your dog’s poop in the hole. It will stop your dog from digging in that spot, but be sure to consider some boredom busting tips so that your dog does not pick another spot to start excavating.

4) Balloons
Another trick for a persistent digger is to place a blown-up balloon just under the surface of the hole. Then cover with soil. Dig dig dig…POP. This is normally enough to deter your little-digger from the area.

5) The Garden
Consider the way your garden is designed. Make sure you have very clear outline of what is your area, and what is the dogs area. Make borders around your flower beds and vegetable gardens or consider raising them. If this is not an option, consider bordering the garden beds with sleepers or stones. This way you can reinforce where your dog is allowed to go and where they are not. Take a look at our dog friendly garden ideas!

6) Let Them Dig
Allow your digger unlimited digging pleasure down the beach! Then they can please their natural desire to dig and will be less likely to do this behaviour at home.

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