Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog December 23, 2015

Want to teach your dog some cool tricks? Why not try these at home?
Nadia Crighton takes a look at the coolest tricks to teach your dog this holiday season.

Roll Over

  • Grab a variety of dog friendly treats
  • Have you dog in the ‘drop’ or ‘down’ position
  • Show the dog the treat in your hand
  • Position your hand next to their head and pull it to the back shoulder (so your dogs nose follows your hand around the back toward the opposite shoulder).
  • Your dog’s body will follow their nose. Say ‘roll over’
  • If they are not going all the way over (just legs in the air) gently guide their legs to the other side and say ‘roll over’ then treat.
  • Once your dog rolls over correctly, treat
  • Repeat repeat repeat.
  • Try and get your dog to roll over from different positions…sit, drop, stand.

#1 Training TIP
Always have a good variety of dog treats so your dog doesn’t know what is coming next. This will prevent boredom and will keep your dog wanting to do more.

This is an easy trick to teach and wonderful to keep your dog entertained on a cold wet day.

  • Grab a variety of dog treats
  • Ask you dog to ‘sit’
  • Tap on your dogs paw (most will lift their paw)
  • Say ‘High Five’
  • Treat.
  • Repeat repeat repeat.

#2 Training TIP
If you dog is reluctant to lift their paw gently tickle under the pad until he lifts to the desire height then say ‘high five’. Remember to treat and praise immediately for the behaviour.

*Dog Trick Variations

  • Once you dog can high-five start asking for ‘other paw’
  • Move to a ‘shake’ command

Bang Bang You’re Dead
This is a great trick once you have aced the roll over trick.

  • Grab a variety of dog treats
  • In a standing position ask your dog to ‘roll over’ while you hold your finger like a gun.
  • As soon as your dog goes into the roll position say ‘BANG BANG’
  • Ask your dog to ‘stay’ once the roll is completed
  • Treat
  • Repeat repeat repeat
  • Once your dog starts to understand, stop using the other cues (only say ‘BANG BANG’ with your finger like a gun)
  • Repeat repeat repeat

#3 Training TIP:
Stop if you see your dog getting bored and change it up with a game of fetch to break your dog training. Use a command like; ‘BREAK’ at the end of each training session so your dog knows you do not expect anymore behaviour. Read more about the Do’s and Don’ts when training your dog in our next article.

Are you the owner of a golden oldie? Dog’s are never too old too learn! More on this here.