Top 6 Apps For A Healthy Dog

Apps For A Healthy Dog December 17, 2015

Nadia Crighton investigates the top five dog apps that can help keep your pooch in tip-top health.

There is literally an app for everything. From keeping track of your own health to apps finding possible ghosts lurking in the corners! From the complete bizarre to the very handy there is an app for every situation. We take a look at those great apps that can help you keep your dog in the very best of health.

FitBark App
The FitBark App is a wonderful app that can track everything you need to know about your pet. It tracks play, active time, rest time and much more. Compare with similar dogs on the app to track your pets progress and share your memories with friends and family. It also allows you to understand behaviour, health and other issues affecting your pet’s wellbeing and health. Fantastic tool to keep your dog in top condition.

Map my dog walk is great little app for you phone that can map exactly how far you and your dog have walked. It also tells you how many calories you have burned and the exact map of your route. A great tool to keep track of both of your fitness and the calories you burnt along the way. It works with the GPS tracker on your phone to determine your route. Heaps of features including an online tool plus real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance your pace and speed.

P5 Dog Training App
The P5 Dog Training App is a great way to help you train your new puppy or existing dog. Check out the impressive array of video tutorials. App also includes a dog-activity tracking device where you can set goals and track your dog’s work. Easy to use and a wonderful tool to help keep your dog in-shape and well trained.

Love clicker training but keep loosing your clicker? Fear no more…you can now download a free app for your phone that allows you to always have your clicker on hand. Love this app, super easy to use.

Let’s face it our social media pages are full to the brim with images of our beloved dog so why not get them their very own camera filter? The BarkCam allows you to take the perfect shot of your dog. The app also plays a sound to get your dogs attention, contains fun filters and stickers to illustrate your great shot. Plus allows you to directly share your images with friends straight from the app. You can now get your dog in shape and show all your friends at the click of a button.

This dog app answers the one question many dog owners want to know…can my dog eat this? This app allows pet owners to quickly decide if the food is appropriate for their dog to eat. Plus it contains built in health ratings, hundreds of foods including meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable, and grains. A wonderful tool to prevent accidental poisoning from foods which are toxic to dogs.