Easy-Care Coats

Best Dog Breeds March 20, 2019

Looking for a dog breed with an easy-care coat? Pet’s Training & Boarding takes a look at the top easy-to-maintain dog breeds – PLUS some top tips to keep your pets coat in grrrrrreat condition.

There is no doubt that some dog breeds are certainly much easier to care for in terms of grooming, than others. Interestingly many of the low-allergen dog breeds are actually not that easy to groom.

Many low shedding breeds actually have double coats, meaning they shed less because the outer coat traps the hair and prevents it from falling to the ground. However, it is imperative that the owner then strip and brush the coat regularly to remove this hair. Many owners of low-shedding breeds also invest in the help of a professional dog groomer to help with grooming and or clipping.

Please always check with your Dr. about hypoallergenic breeds and if they can help your allergies. Most times people are actually allergic to the dander (skin), salvia or even urine more than the actual hair.

However, if you are not allergic to pet hair and you are looking for a ‘wash and go’ dog then look no further!

It’s also important to remember like with all dogs, grooming is a big part of responsible dog ownership. All dogs require a regular brush and bath, regardless of their coat type. Many low maintenance dog breeds have short coats and will love a good rub down with a rubber mitt to remove dead hair. Always ensure you have the correct tools on hand and start with short fun grooming sessions in puppyhood and gradually increase the time. The experience should be an enjoyable one for both you and your dog.

Grooming also;

  1. Encourages healthy skin
  2. Gives you pets coat a silky-smooth feel – moving all those great oils over the hair
  3. Great way to check the health of your pet’s skin
  4. Removes dead hair and skin
  5. Encourages a good and trusting bond between owner and dog
  6. Leaves your dog feeling and look their best

Choosing the Perfect Dog Breed

Grooming and maintenance are some things to consider when choosing a breed that best suits your lifestyle. The other vital aspect is the breeds history. By researching exactly what your possible breed has been developed for will give you a clear understanding of their requirements, personality traits and energy levels.

This is very important before you bring your puppy home. Many dogs end up in shelter organizations because of the mismatch between dog and owner. With so many precious pooches looking for a new home, considering adoption is also a great way to ensure you are perfectly matched with the dog that suits your environment, time and lifestyle. You can also call around and request a certain breed, age or sex.