Calmest Dog Breeds

calmest dog breeds February 19, 2019

Looking for the perfect chilled out pup? Pets Training & Boarding takes a look at the top calmest dog breeds, with some great tips on choosing the perfect breed for your relaxed home.

It’s no surprise that some dogs are clearly more energetic than others. The trick when researching chosen breeds that will match your lifestyle is to take a good look into the history of the breed. Those dogs that were specially bred for chasing or herding sheep all day, or sniffing out mice and rats, might need more exercise than a dog typically bred for companionship.

Sadly, many new owners will only purchase their new pup on the aesthetic qualities of the particular breed. Many people unsuspectingly get into trouble by taking this approach, as if the dog is not correctly matched to your lifestyle you could be inviting a whole host of problematic behaviours.

Calmest Dog Breeds

These breeds are known for their laidback nature and chilled out approach to life. However, don’t be fooled, all of these breeds will need a good exercise regime to keep of the pounds and to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Great Dane
  2. St Bernard
  3. Newfoundland
  4. Mastiff
  5. Greyhound
  6. Bulldog
  7. Basset Hound
  8. Cavalier King Charles
  9. Pug
  10. Shih Tuz

All of these breeds make wonderful companion dogs, however like with all breeds it is important that you socialise your dog correctly. This means exposing them to as many sights, sounds and experiences as possible during their early puppy stage. Young dogs will go through fear periods during their development. If your pet has too many ‘bad’ experiences to a situation, compared to ‘good’ experiences, they can develop a fear response to this that could remind for the rest of their life. This can be from simple things such as a vet visit or travelling in the car, to more exaggerated problems such as fear of people, other dogs and children.

Rescuing an older dog

Regardless of breed, rescuing an older dog will ensure you have a much more laid-back pooch to spend the days lazing together. The major benefits of rescuing an older dog can be this one major factor – they have the crazy, super hyper puppy stage all done and dusted. Many older rescue dogs are also 100% housetrained and ready to pull up a rug and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

If you are looking for a mellow dog, perhaps check in with your local shelter to see if they have any older pets looking for their forever home.

What About Training?

All dogs require training and, in many cases, a hyper dog is lacking in training, mental stimulation and adequate exercise. Even the most laid back cruisey dog will need a good dose of training as a pup and then continued as an adult.

Training creates a special language between you and your dog and can also help you keep them safe. A dog running a full speed towards a busy intersection requires a good recall command to keep them safe. Training also allows your dog to know that ‘you’ve got this hooman’. This creates a level of comfort and security, helping prevent anxiety related issues later in life.