Breed Profile

The Siamese has long been a household favourite. This stunning blue-eyed beauty with their impressive agility and yowling voice is fiercely loyal and loving to those they adore.

Siamese Facts and Information


The beautiful Siamese was the prized temple cat of the King of Siam. They are known to be one of the oldest oriental/Asian cat breeds in the world and are believed to come from the Siam, known today as Thailand. The very first Siamese cats in Europe were gifted from the King of Siam to the English consulate general in Bangkok in the 1800s. This was a high gesture as it was said no-one except royalty could keep such cats. The breedhas interesting and imaginative tales about their role played within the kingdom. From fiercely protecting the King of Siam himself, to guarding vases, jewellery and even watching over rings placed on their tails by bathing princesses for safe keeping.

At a Glance

As one of the most recognised cat breeds on the planet, the Siamese is a long sleek and very elegant cat. With high triangle ears and striking blue eyes. They come in a range of colours including with the main ones being:

  • Seal Point – dark seal brown almost black on face, nose, legs, tail and ears and a cream body. This was thought to be the original colouring from Siam.
  • Blue Point – slate blue on face, nose, legs, tail and ears with a bluish-white body.
  • Chocolate Point – light brown colours on points being the ears, legs, tail and face with a cream coloured body.
  • Lilac Point– grey coloured/lavender on the ears, legs, tail and face with a white body.


The Siamese cat is very loving and affectionate to those who share their homes with such a regal cat. They are not aloof and will certainly let those around them know they are present with their chatty nature and loving head bumps. They love to be wherever you are and can become very attached to their owners. They are not the type of cat who likes to be left for many hours alone. They adore a good play session and snuggle and require a dedicated owner who will have time for their needs for affection and attention.


The Siamese has a very short thin coat and will certainly feel the cold on a brisk winter’s day (cue the under-blanket cuddles). They will benefit in a good brush with a rubber mitt once a week, particularly as the seasons change. However; many Siamese owners note that their endless requirements for pats and love is enough to keep the coat in good silky condition.

Indoor/ Outdoor

Like with all cats and kittens, keeping your pet indoors can provide safety and protection against a range of injuries and illness’. Indoor cats have been proven to live longer lives and can be very happily entertained without the need of roaming unsupervised outside. Cleverly built cat enclosures can also allow your new kitten to explore the great outdoors in a safe manner. Two kittens, a quality cat scratcher and an indoor life can provide your cat with a wonderfully happy existence full of fun and play. If you do decide to let your kitten outside, ensure they are microchipped and also wearing a snag proof collar. Kittens should not be allowed outside unsupervised until six months of age.

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