Breed Profile

The Ragdoll is a very popular and loving cat breed. With their striking blue eyes and level temperament they make the perfect companion to a quiet or busy household.

Ragdoll Facts and Information


The Ragdoll was first developed by Ann Baker in the 1960s in sunny California, USA. It is said that the breed may have come from a mixture of the Burmese, Birman and Persian however the original and recognised Ragdoll came from a cat known as Josephine. The offspring of Josephine had the remarkable characteristics, personality and temperament the Ragdoll is famous for.

At a Glance

With their breathtaking blue eyes, the Ragdoll is one large, chilled out cat breed, who adores anyone who is willing to give a good neck scratch and belly rub.  They are a pointed breed meaning they are a light-coloured cat with darker colours on their face, legs, tail and ears.

The Ragdoll comes in a range of colours and three patterns being; bi-colour, points and mitted varieties

  • Chocolate
  • Seal
  • Frost
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Lilac
  • Blue-cream
  • Cream


The Ragdoll is a people loving cat and will happily follow and greet their owners similar to a dog. They are known for their loving affection and wanting to be snuggled and cuddled. They are very gentle cats and do wonderfully well with children. However, like with all kittens and cats, supervision is paramount, as well as teaching your child how to correctly interact and play with their feline friend. They are a very adaptable cat breed, who are simply just happy to be around their loving owners, regardless of the busyness of the home. They are striking looking cats, who love to laze about enjoying their owners’ company. An easy-to-care for breed with an impeccable temperament.


The Ragdoll does require a little amount of grooming particularly during the seasonal change. They will shed their lovely long locks once a year as the weather warms. They should be groomed with a steel comb a few times per week to prevent painful matting and tangles in their coats. Some owners also opt to have their Ragdolls clipped; however, it is good to note that clipping your Ragdoll may cause a change of colour to their lovely coats. As they do not have double-coatsmatting is reduced compared to other breeds. But the breed does require regular grooming all year round to keep their coat in good condition and to reduce shedding.

Indoor/ Outdoor

Ragdolls make an excellent apartment cat. Like with all cats and kittens, keeping your pet indoors can provide safety and protection against a range of injuries and illness’. Indoor cats have been proven to live longer lives and can be very happily entertained without the need of roaming unsupervised outside. Cleverly built cat enclosures can also allow your new kitten to explore the great outdoors in a safe manner. Two kittens, a quality cat scratcher and an indoor life can provide your cat with a wonderfully happy existence full of fun and play. If you do decide to let your kitten outside, ensure they are microchipped and also wearing a snag proof collar. Kittens should not be allowed outside unsupervised until six months of age.


It is vital you source your kitten from a reputable breeder to prevent heartache and medical problems that are common with badly bred pets. Ensure your chosen breeder is listed with their registered breed club and ask as many questions as possible. Sighting mum is also a good way to ensuring your kitten has come from good breeding practises and not a kitten-mill environment. Meeting the breeder in person and visiting your kitten before you choose to buy is also recommended. If you are wanting to adopt a Ragdoll contact your local Ragdoll club or shelter organisation.

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