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This pint-sized barrel of fun is known for delighting those who have the honour of owning them. A stunning wee breed that is very affectionate and loving. Don’t be fooled by size, this little dog is sure to make a big impact on the lives of those who are lucky enough to own them.

Dachshund Facts and Information


4 /5

The short-legged long body Dachshund is actually a powerful scenting hound. So, sniffing out something delectable is something that comes very natural to this breed. Being super intelligent can make them a little mischievous, so training must be entertaining and fun or you may find your little Dachy deciding on a much better game of their own. In the right hands, they are very easy to train however patience and variety is required. They are very food focused so having a few tasty morsels will certainly help keep your Dachys attention. Just remember to include the treats in their overall diet so you do not overfeed them, as the breed can become overweight quickly. They are very playful breed and will need to be kept occupied and happy to avoid any behavioural problems. It’s also good to note that the breed was designed to dig and hunt prey. This may lead to holes in your backyard and toys chewed. However, with correct training you can teach your pup what they are allowed to ‘dig’ and also chew. Having a clear understanding of what the Dachshund has been bred to do is important, as many of these traits may show themselves naturally in your dog. If you have a prized garden and do not think you will tolerate the odd hole you may want to consider another breed. They can be stubborn so ensuring you keep your training fun and full of games and cuddles will help with success, as too knowing when your pup has had enough. However, like with all breeds, it’s important to preserver to ensure you have a well-mannered behaved dog. It will not only make your life easier, it will also keep your precious pup safe.

Grooming (smooth)

2 /5

The smooth coated Dachshund doesn’t require endless amounts of grooming; however, they will benefit from a good weekly brush to check for any skin conditions. Plus; the breed loves affection and having this extra attention will certainly be appreciated.

Grooming (wire-haired)

4 /5

The Wirehaired Dachshunds will need a little extra consideration when it comes to grooming. They will need regular brushing and their coats stripped up to three times per year. It’s best to seek the
advice of a professional groomer or breeder when it comes to stripping the coat. The breed is not a smelly dog, unless of course they have sniffed out something extra stinky to roll in. Yes, the love of a hound may have you bathing your pup due to them rolling in animal poop or something rotten. You will also need to take into consideration your loveable Dachy’s ears. Due to their stunning length and snuggleness, they can be prone to infections. So always keep them clean and check for smell. A sickly-sweet honey-like smell may indicate a yeast infection that will need to be treated by a veterinarian.

Exercise Requirements

3 /5

They might be pint sized, but it is very important to keep the exercise up to keep your dog at their correct weight. An overweight Dachshund is not a healthy Dachy. They also love food, so the chance of them becoming lazy and overweight is high. Keeping them active with daily walks and lots of fun play. You will also need to ensure your precious pup does not jump
from high places to protect their backs from unwanted strain and pressure.


4 /5

The breed is super intelligent that can cause training to quickly become boring. Keeping them entertained with games and fun will ensure this is kept at bay. They also have a very loud deep bark and will take to endeavouring in this highly entertaining past-time if they are left for long hours alone. They simply love people and being a part of the daily action so avoid long periods alone.

Family Friendly

5 /5

The breed simply adores being around the two-legged variety making them a wonderful family companion. They are great with children, however always supervise play and teach your children how to handle this breed with special consideration to their long backs.

Indoor/ Outdoor

This breed does not take well to being left alone outside for hours on end. They are by far an inside dog. They can also injure themselves by jumping off furniture and low-lying walls so ensuring your environment is Dachy safe is also a good idea before investing in the breed.


It is very important to only source your new family member from a reputable breeding establishment, to ensure your puppy is healthy. Ask all the important questions about hereditary problems and ask to see mum and dad. Contact your local breed club and research your chosen breeder. Your breeder should have proof that they regularly test their dogs for genetic diseases and to ensure that the dogs they are breeding from have sound temperaments. It may take a little more time than a quick purchase, but it can save you and your family from unimaginable heartache and pain dealing with a sick puppy.

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