Breed Profile

As a true-blue Aussie, the Australian Kelpie is a very active and intelligent breed perfectly suited to an active household or life on the farm. They thrive on having a job to do and a family to love.

Australian Kelpie Facts and Information


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This breed loves to work-hard and train. They simply adore learning new tricks and behaviours at lightening speed. Being a high energy breed they love all sorts of dog sports and excel in training situations. Being a hardworking dog breed is it paramount that they only go to homes that area also energetic. Like with all dogs, this breed needs a good dose of training and socialisation to ensure they grow into a well-rounded and happy dog. The breed can be highly territorial due to their herding instincts and will need training to ensure this does not get taken out on the children or other pets. Training will also allow the bond between you and your dog to flourish, allowing you to both speak the same language. Puppy-preschools are a great way to start your pup’s journey towards full obedience training. It’s a wonderful way to socialise your pup in a safe and clean environment. Teaching a good recall, and also advanced obedience is also recommended for this breed who will excel at all forms of training in the right hands.


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A wash and go breed that only requires a good brush twice per week to remove any dead hair from their striking coat. They tend to go through seasonal sheds and may need an increase in brushing duration during these times. Clip nails regularly and also consider a dental regime to keep your pet’s teeth in good condition.

Exercise Requirements

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This breed is a high-energy working dog and need a good run and brisk walk daily to keep happy. Many owners also sign their pups up with a dog sport to add some extra entertainment into their worlds. The Kelpie is his happiest when given a high velocity job to do, whether that be training, or herding sheep on a station. They make wonderful jogging companions and have even been known to thrive in endurance running with their owners. These dogs are certainly not suitable for homes that do not love the great outdoors or exercise. Due to your dogs need to run and play, it is vital you socialise from a very young age.


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Being super smart and super energetic means that your Kelpie can also become super destructive if left alone in the wrong environment. Consider boredom busting techniques and lots of fun training. This breed does not take well to being left alone for hours on end. They thrive having an important job to do and being so independent and smart, if they don’t, it might mean the end of your favourite shoes, couch, or relationship with your neighbours. They are not suited to the first-time dog handler or those who do not understand the exercise needs of this breed.

Family Friendly

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It is important to understand that the Kelpie is a working herding dog, so in most cases is not suitable to life with very small toddlers or small pets as they may ‘nip and herd’. However, in saying this, if you are a dedicated owner with experience and your Kelpie is perfectly socialised, children and other pets can live in harmony. Like with all dog breeds please teach your children how to correctly interact with your dog and train your dog how to correctly behave around children. With the right training, socialisation and exercise a Kelpie can make a wonderful family companion.

Indoor/ Outdoor

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This breed is not suited to life in an apartment and will need room to zoom. A large backyard is not a necessity, however, ensuring your dog is walked and run each day outside of your home, is. A good-sized yard is a wonderful way to teach new tricks and also exercise between outings with a good game of fetch or some fun training. Check fence lines regularly for any possible escape routes. Kelpies, like all dogs, do not take well to long days alone and will pine for the company of their owners. Always provide ample shade and water in the summer and weatherproof areas during the winter.


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It is very important to only source your new family member from a reputable breeding establishment, to ensure your puppy is healthy. Ask all the important questions about hereditary problems and ask to see mum and dad. Contact your local breed club and research your chosen breeder. Your breeder should have proof that they regularly test their dogs for genetic diseases and to ensure that the dogs they are breeding from have sound temperaments. It may take a little more time than a quick purchase, but it can save you and your family from unimaginable heartache and pain dealing with a sick puppy.

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