Breed Profile

The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the most popular breeds around town. They are an adorable and loving breed that is fascinatingly curious about all things in life…including water!

Abyssinian Cat Facts and Information


This stunning cat is said to be the closet living reference to the famous sacred cats of ancient Egypt, however like much history surrounding cat breeds, this is also up for debate. It is no surprise many believe that Egypt is the true origins of this stunning cat breed. What is known about the origins of the breed is that a cat named Zulu was brought into Great Britain in 1860s by Lord Robert Napier following military duty in Abyssinia. After breeding with many cats, the colouring and temperament of the Abyssinian was born. Sadly, the breed was almost wiped from existence with the spread of cat leukemia back in the 1960s. Causing Brittan to import more of these cats to continue with the breeding lines.

At a Glance

With stunning green and gold eyes, the Abyssinian cat is well known for their distinct look and depth of colouring. They are medium sized cats with a muscular frame. Their coats are short silky and very smooth.

The Abyssinian cat breed comes in few recognised colours with the Ruddy being the most recognised.

  • Ruddy – base colour rich copper and ticked with dark seal
  • Blue – base colour blue-grey and ticked with dark blue
  • Fawn – base colour is beige and ticked with dark cream
  • Cinnamon / Sorrel – base colour is apricot, and end of hairs ticked with chocolate.
  • Black Silver – base colour is silver, white and the hairs are ticked with black
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac

All of these colours can also be with silver however some colouring is not recognised by some breed groups in varying countries. Their pattern is considered – ticking.


The Abyssinian is a very active and loving cat. They are super easy to take care of and will provide any family with endless entertainment and love. They get along well with other animals and are very curious and friendly. They simply adore to play and will happily train their owners to provide them with all sorts of games and fun. They have a very quiet and soft voice – unlike some of their cat breed cousins. These cats love to play and jump so providing ample exercise and interactive play is important.


This breed is very easy to maintain and will seasonally shed. They require a good rub down with a rubber mitt once per week to check their coat for any issues and remove any dead hair. The breed is known for their low grooming requirements, however like all cats, they do benefit from a weekly groom.


Abyssinians can make an excellent apartment cats as long as they are entertained daily. Like with all cats and kittens, keeping your pet indoors can provide safety and protection against a range of injuries and illness’. Indoor cats have been proven to live longer lives and can be very happily entertained without the need of roaming unsupervised outside. Cleverly built cat enclosures can also allow your new kitten to explore the great outdoors in a safe manner. Two kittens, a quality cat scratcher and an indoor life can provide your cat with a wonderfully happy existence full of fun and play. If you do decide to let your kitten outside, ensure they are microchipped and also wearing a snag proof collar. Kittens should not be allowed outside unsupervised until six months of age.


It is vital you source your kitten from a reputable breeder to prevent heartache and medical problems that are common with badly bred pets. Ensure your chosen breeder is listed with their registered breed club and ask as many questions as possible. Sighting mum is also a good way to ensuring your kitten has come from good breeding practises and not a kitten-mill environment. Meeting the breeder in person and visiting your kitten before you choose to buy is also recommended. If you are wanting to adopt a Ragdoll contact your local Ragdoll club or shelter organisation.

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