Pet Grooming Supplies

Pet Grooming Supplies March 8, 2016

Ever walked into the local pet store and wondered what all of those great grooming brushes are for? Nadia Crighton takes a look at the most popular grooming supplies and what coats they best suit.

To follow up on our dog and cat grooming special we take a look at all of those great grooming supplies that can help you beat the tumbleweed hair infestation in your home. From rubber grooming brushes to combs and clippers we debunk what grooming product is best for your pet. Brushing is very important for the health of your pet’s coat and skin. It’s also a great way to inspect your beloved animal for any possible problems.

Rubber Brushes
These come in all shapes and sizes, plus an array of bright colours. Rubber grooming brushes are perfect for short coats to remove excess hair and are a great utensil to have on hand during bath-time. They are wonderful to massage the skin of your pet during bathing. These pet brushes are also must for any pet home as they are wonderful to use to remove hair from carpets and upholstery. Perfectly suited to cats.

Combs, Rakes & Slickers
These are a must for any long or double coated breed. Daily raking (or using a slicker pet brush) can prevent mats and most cats and dogs (if desensitized since pup and kitten-hood) will thoroughly enjoy their grooming session. Combs are great to add that extra touch, plus they are the perfect tools for helping you find mats and tangles so that you can carefully comb them out without causing discomfort. The combination slicker pet brushes (look for long and short bristles on one brush) are wonderful, as many will combine the brushing and combing action in one simple movement. The longer bristles will remove dirt while the shorter bristles will slick and polish your pet’s coat.

For those of us who own heavy coated dog and cat breeds de-shedders can be a miracle cure for those hairball horrors during the shedding season. These remove dead and loose hair quickly and are experts at working on thick undercoats. Many of these precise de-shedders can save you ample time in grooming while also promoting a healthier coat. Your pet will love you for investing in one of these grooming supplies that can cut grooming time by more than 50%!

Extra great grooming supplies:
• Tearstain remover. A must for any white breed suffering from tearstains. These products also work well on saliva stains.
• Pet nail clippers. Some even come with built in electronic files and also a cutting guide to prevent you cutting too short.
• Blood clotting powers – these products are great to have on hand just in case you clip the nail too short.
• Nail polish – well why not spruce up those nails while you are at it and create some conversation at the local off-leash park.
• Pet Shampoo and coat conditioner – adds that extra wow factor to your pet’s coat.
• Dog and cat cologne. This is also good for freshening up pet beds before guests arrive. But be careful not to over-do it as they can cause skin irritation if used to the extreme. Always patch test your dog or cat before using any pet skin products that have heavy perfumes as they may cause a reaction.

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