Indoor Training Tips

indoor training tips May 9, 2019

As the thermostat starts to creep towards cold, Pets Training & Boarding takes a look at some indoor training fun to keep your dog entertained, healthy and happy.

It’s no wonder that during the winter months, many dogs don’t get out and about as often as needed. Cold and wet weather can leave many owners, and pets, simply not wanting to adventure outside.

But the grrrrreat news is – you don’t need to. With some creativity even on the Mother Nature’s stormiest day, your pooch can be happily entertained inside.

Training – the facts

Did you know that for many dogs, even super energetic breeds – 20mins of training is more exhausting than 20 mins of running? By flexing your pet’s brain and muscles you can provide all the entertainment and energy needed to get through the day in a peaceful and restful manner.

Many professionals now advise, particularly for hyperactive and uber excited breeds, to consider training for 20mins rather than allowing them to run. This is also great for puppies as over-exercising isn’t ideal for growing joints. For some breeds, running off-leash with all the other dogs can actually hype them up more. This can cause issues when leaving them alone when you trot off to work for the day.

Training also creates a magical bond between you and your dog. PLUS: your beloved hound will simply love you for it. Other benefits include:

  • Keeps your pup safe
  • Creates a language between you and your dog
  • Gives you security in knowing you have your dog under control
  • Gives canines comfort and a sense of leadership
  • Allows you the freedom to explore the great outdoors alongside your dog
  • Upholds the good name of the humble hound

Indoor Training tips

Indoor friendly training games are wonderful to keep you pup entertained during stormy weather when they can’t get outside and have a good run. It’s important to understand that basic training is paramount with all dogs. Start off slowly with the basics then gradually extend this to some ‘fun’ training and games around the home. This will not only keep your pup happy, it will also add some variety into your basic obedience.

Start and perfect the basics –

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Drop
  • Give
  • Come (or recall)
  • Wait

ADVANCED – Target Training

WHAT DO I NEED?  – clicker, lead, collar, treats, praise

Target training is teaching your dog to nose-touch items, such as your hand, or the cupboard door! This is a wonderful training aid and is used by many professionals to teach dogs to assist with day-to-day life with people. It will also sharpen your dog’s senses and make Rover zone in and focus on you – that can be very beneficial during scary moments.

To start, use your hand and get your pup to target to your palm. Once they touch your palm (actual nose on skin…or sniffing you) – click, treat, praise. It’s important that you get the ‘click’ as soon as your dog touches your skin. REPEAT REPEATREPEAT.

Once your dog starts to bump your hand for a treat…he’s got it! If he tries to sniff the other hand…after all that’s were all the good stuff is…take a few paces back, then offer your palm again. REPEAT REPEATREPEAT. Once your pup is doing this with a decent bump, time to add in your cue word “TOUCH”.

Then you can start to encourage your dog to touch other objects like the end of stick or pole, or a ball in your hand. Have object moving or further away. And remember to cue word “TOUCH”, click, reward. Research for more advanced tricks when it comes to target training. There are even clubs your dog can join to extend the fun!

Happy Training!